7 Quick Takes — Late Saturday

— 1 —

SAT test today for the eldest. This time he did way better on the verbal section and way worse on the math section. I asked him what way worse meant, and he responded that he failed to answer two questions because he ran out of time. I wonder where he gets that exaggeration gene?

— 2 —

Ran twice today for the first time in a long time. Ever since I read Born to Run, I lost my fear of running twice in the same day. There is, however, that measly issue of there being just 24 hours in said day. Ahem.

— 3 —

Almost done Seton Catholic Home Study School’s American Literature and American History classes with the eldest. That means that we only have to complete English 11 and Religion 11 over the summer. May I say that these are some of the best classes I have ever seen, but also some of the most intensive?

— 4 —

We had been considering the possibility of dropping out of Seton’s program and writing the eldest’s high school transcript ourselves. This was especially true after Seton chose not to accept our proposal of three college-level English classes as replacement for their English 12 class. The eldest has already completed part 1 of 3, with an ‘A,’ but to be honest, Seton’s class is both harder and more comprehensive. He’ll learn more taking that class, and he’ll get a “real” high school transcript out of it. Se we’re going to try to hang tough with the Seton program.

— 5 —

Did I mention that we only have to finish most of English 11 and Religion 11 this summer? Q1 of both should be complete in the next week or two, and no one could possibly complain about the English 11 book list. Still, it’s a big challenge working with the eldest from about 8PM to midnight every night. I still have to hold down a full-time job through all this.

Book list:

The Scarlet Letter and The Screwtape Letters will be complete before mid-June, which is an important milestone.

— 6 —

The eldest will be at the University of Houston’s High School Piano Institute from Jun 15 to June 23. The Institute is part of the Texas Music Festival. If you are around Houston, check out the schedule.

— 7 —

That’s it. Today, after the SAT, is a school break. Back at it tomorrow!!

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